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At Some Point We Have All Acted Out of Character

Being arrested for any reason can be a traumatic and stressful experience. Receiving a request or requirement to attend a Police Station for an interview can be even more terrifying as it may be more unexpected.

Whitfields Specialist Criminal Law Departments are dxperts in criminal defence and protecting your rights under the law. We can be there to represent you as needed 24/7 and will always guide you through the entire process with openness and honesty, putting your best interests first.

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If you have been accused of a criminal offence, been charged with a crime, or called for a police interview, Whitfields Solicitors are on hand to provide the best advice and defence possible. In the occasion, you wish to defend yourself we can offer you legal representation or assistance as needed.

Your specialist team of Criminal Law Solicitors

The best defence possible comes with experience and expertise

Our Criminal Charges Defence team have over 20 years experience in helping people accused of committing a criminal offence. We can guide you through the stressful process of arrest and interviews under caution in a police station without you having to incur any costs.

If any charges are brought or summonses received by you ,we can assess your eligibility for legal aid and advise you through the court process to ensure you are fully informed when making decisions on your case. We are dedicated experts in achieving the best possible outcomes for you .

Which Areas of Criminal Law Do we Specialise in

White collar fraud, business fraud and benefit fraud
Sexual offences
Offences involving drugs and/or serious violence
Trading standards offences
Animal Welfare/RSPCA cases
Proceeds of Crime Act 2002/Confiscation applications
Health & Safety Prosecutions
Food Hygiene Prosecutions
Firearms and Shotgun licensing appeals

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